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A Few of His Favorite Things: Gift Ideas for Him

Yesterday, I shared a few of my favorite things to give you gift ideas for the ladies in your life. Today, it is time for the fellas!

My husband is literally the hardest person to shop for. He isn’t like most guys. He doesn’t like watches, and wallets and that sort of thing. He wants handmade glass spiders, and actual glass to blow glass, and things like that. BUT, as hard as he is to shop for, I have found a few winners in the 14+ years we’ve been together.

If you also have a hard time shopping for the men in your life, just know you are not alone. I’m here to help you out though with a few nifty gift ideas for him!

Again, most of these gifts will fall in the under $50 range, since budgets are much tighter for many families these days. And again, all prices posted in this guide are subject to change. To snag the sale prices advertised at the time of publishing, act quickly!

As a reminder: I may receive a small commission if you click and purchase through some of these links. However, not all are affiliate links! For more information, read my disclaimer here.

Gifts for Him – $50 and under

Beverages & Drinking Vessels

We are big fans of Old Sugar Distillery and definitely hope they survive this pandemic! Old Sugar makes some seriously awesome spirits right here in Madison. And they sell a variety of gift packs all year round, including several priced at $50! Our personal fav is the Flagship Set, which includes a bottle each of rum, whiskey, their signature honey liqueur. The Smash Whiskey three-pack and Brandy Old Fashioned kits are also great bets at the $50 price point.

Old Sugar Distillery Gift Pack

Speaking of distilleries…Yahara Bay, which is also here in Madison, sells an awesome “Age Your Own Whiskey” set complete with a mini oak barrel. I bought this for the Hubs one year and he loved it. It comes with a bottle of white whiskey to age at home, and you can get the 1 liter size package for $50. It makes for a fun “DIY” type of gift for a man who might like to try his hand at making his own spirits.

Yahara Bay Age Your Own Whiskey Barrel

If you are buying hard liquor then you probably need some nice glasses for him to pour his drink into as well. And Cosa Boutique in Fitchburg has got you covered! They have these awesome Mixology Rocks Glasses, your choice for $12 each. They have a beautiful Wisconsin version as well, which is perfect for guy born and raised in this state, like mine.

Rocks glasses from Cosa Boutique

If you’ve got a beer drinker instead of a whiskey drinker, then he probably needs a nice glass to pour it in too. And these “Gone Fishing” Pint Glasses also from Cosa Boutique are a great choice for that! I snagged one of these for my man for Valentine’s Day this year and it’s perfect because he also loves to fish. They come in six different colors, at just $12 a pop.

Pint glasses from Cosa Boutique

They have a cute Madison pint glass set (comes with 2!) for $29.50 if that’s more his jam. Right now, they are offering 30% off everything in store or online for Black Friday as well! Just use code HOLIDAY at checkout.

Even non-drinkers need nice vessels for their beverages of choice. This 40 oz. S’well Teakwood Roamer is one beautiful bottle. It features “Therma-S’well(R) Technology” which means it is triple-layered and vacuum-insulated to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a longer period of time. In fact, it boasts that it can keep hot beverages hot for 18 hours! This beaut is currently on sale for $44 from Details Boutique in Cambridge!

S'well bottle from Details Boutique

If coffee happens to be your man’s beverage of choice, a Coffee Sampler Box Set from Stone Creek Coffee is a good bet. It comes with three 1/2 pound bags of “Farm to Cup” coffee, along with some postcards and chocolate covered espresso beans. Stone Creek is based out of Milwaukee, so close to home. And I can attest to the Cream City and Black Sheep coffees included in the box! This set currently retails for $35. If you use code: WELCOME25 you can get 25% off your purchase!

Coffee Gift Box from Stone Creek Coffee


If the guy in your life is also a The Big Lebowski fan (what man isn’t?), then The Dude’s Threads is where it’s at. My husband loves this movie so much, so when I saw an ad for these “The Dad Abides” t-shirts around Father’s Day, I knew I had to get him one. They have several different styles, including some holiday themed tees, so you should be able to find one that works. The price varies depending on style and quality of the t-shirt. The one I got him, as shown below, goes for $25.

The Dad Abides T-shirt

And speaking of tees, I love the quality of Pact Apparel and their organic cotton t-shirts would also make a great gift. Their Softspun V-Neck Tees are on sale for $19 each right now (down from $30!) and come in five different colors. For that price, you could buy him one of each if you want! They have crew necks as well if that’s more his style. The Waffle Henleys are nice too and also on sale right now for $39.

Pact Apparel T-shirt

TOMS Berkeley Slippers are also a good bet. My husband rarely wears slippers (ask anyone we know and they will tell you he is almost always barefoot), but every once in awhile he will wear these slippers I bought him. They come in five different colorways so you can find one that suits your guy best. The basic colors are priced at $54.95 and the patterns run $59.95. However, everything on TOMS web site is 35% off right now which is why I’m including them in this section! The discount is applied to your bag.

TOMS slippers for men


The Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker packs a nice little punch for a nice little price. Walmart has it in three different colors, black, blue and red, ranging in price from $21.98 to $28.89 depending on which color you pick. It is easily portable and we have used this out by the pool, to serve as the speaker during an outdoor family movie night pairing it with the projector, and to jam out while cleaning on a Sunday morning. It plays for 24 hours and holds a range of 66 feet. This is a great deal!

Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

Gifts for Him – Over $50

Beverages & Drinking Vessels

One of the best gifts I probably ever got my husband was this Bittercube Bitters Variety Pack. It comes with six different, highly concentrated, and very flavorful bitters, which go great with whiskey (are you noticing a theme?), but also can be used in other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, plus baked goods, dressings and marinades, etc. Bittercube is also based out of Milwaukee and this pack runs for $57. If you have a mixologist in your life, it is the perfect gift to enhance his craft!


My husband is super picky about his pillow. Like, he’ll even take it traveling, kind of picky. So, if yours is in need of a pillow upgrade, this Tempur-Pedic Medium Profile Foam Side/Back Sleeper Neck Bed Pillow is where it’s at. I have stolen it a time or two and can speak to its comfort. We both got Tempur-Pedic pillows with our mattress purchase many years ago and they have held up to the test of time. At $99.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond, it’s a splurge, but for a good night’s rest without the neck cramps in the morning, it’s worth it.

Tempur-Pedic Pillow

Obviously every man probably wants a Yeti cooler, but most of us can’t afford it or justify the cost. So, since I won’t spend $300-600 on a cooler, I will at least buy him the “next best thing”. This Igloo BMX Cooler is probably what my husband is getting for Christmas this year. Each time we go camping he mentions wanting to buy a new cooler and this one looks like it’s built to last. The description says it can hold up to 72 quarts and keeps ice for up to 5 days in 90 degree weather. Plus the reviews are good, so works for me! It is currently on sale at Target for $119.99.

Igloo cooler

I hope this Gift Guide for Him gave you some new ideas for what to buy the guys in your life this holiday season! Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy shopping!

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