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Why Basic Invite is Anything But

This post is sponsored by Basic Invite, which means I received compensation for the time it took to write this, however, all reviews and opinions about the company and product are based on my own personal experience.

While we may not be hosting a lot of in-person events these days, due to the ongoing pandemic, I have found that there are still plenty of special moments to celebrate. For instance, I have planned two “Safer at Home” COVID birthday celebrations, and celebrated a birthday of my own. Our family also attended my nephew’s small, outdoor high school graduation back in June. And his sister just had a small baby shower outside this past weekend as well.

As you can see, there are still plenty of celebratory occasions to be had, regardless of the situation. And we should celebrate these moments, albeit safely.

So, when Basic Invite reached out about sponsoring a post on Madtown Momma, I was intrigued. I have been considering ordering business cards for the blog. Plus, I’ll have a graduation of my own to celebrate next May. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to check out their wide selection of invitations and stationary products online.

The first thing I noticed upon visiting their website was the beautiful design. It is simple and easy to navigate, with top bar menu links to invitations and announcements for big occasions such as weddings, graduations, and the birth of a new child. Plus several other special event options (Bar Mitzvah, Quinceañera, Baptism, etc.), stationary, free mobile-friendly websites to accompany your special occasion, and business cards. I started with the business cards, since I don’t currently have any for Madtown Momma, LLC.

This is when I started to realize that Basic Invite is anything but basic. This is the first company that I have seen offering clear business cards, which are truly beautiful and very unique. I found a couple of designs I liked (It was so hard to choose with 120 options!) and personalized them quickly and easily to create a sample.

Basic Invite Clear Business Card

What’s really cool about that is that Basic Invite is one of the few websites that lets customers order a printed sample of their actual business card or invitation before they place their final order. That way, you can actually see and feel the paper quality and design in real life to make sure the card is perfect before printing a larger batch. So, I ordered a sample of each to see what the clear business cards looked like in person. As you might imagine, they are pretty freakin’ awesome.

I was also struck by the fact that they have almost unlimited color options. Basic Invite offers customers over 180 colors to choose from in order to design cards exactly how they want them. You can preview your card instantly online as well. I tried this out with the graduation announcements, since I’ll likely be ordering those in the not so distant future.

Once you select a design, you can actually change the color of each element on the card! This would come in VERY handy for wedding invitations, announcements, and save-the-dates. Because how often can a couple customize their invites with exactly the same colors as their wedding? This definitely sets them apart from almost any other online stationery company in my opinion.

And they don’t just stop at the cards when it comes to color choices! Basic Invite has over 40 different envelope colors to choose from as well. With so many options, customers can even find an envelope to match, or at least coordinate with, the invitation. Plus, all of Basic Invite’s envelopes are peel and seal so they can be closed quickly and securely too.

I don’t know about you, but I still can’t help but think of poor Susan every time I lick an envelope. (Seinfeld anyone?)

My order came in exactly one week. Which is pretty impressive for a custom print job. Two days later, I received an email from Customer Service asking if I was happy with my samples. They included a promo code to use within 30 days if I decided to proceed with the job. Which I felt was a nice touch as well.

So, if you have a special occasion coming up, I would highly recommend you check out Basic Invite for all of your stationary needs! You can use their invitation maker online to customize a wide variety of celebration invitations, including birthday invitations for 90th birthday! They have holiday cards as well. Which I am excited about because I finally convinced my husband to take family photos for the first time in four years.

Plus, if you are anything like me and you love a good discount, then you are in luck! Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off EVERYTHING with coupon code: 15FF51!

While I hope that we can all party together in-person again soon without having to worry about COVID-19, I also hope you find ways to celebrate the special moments in your life during this strange time. Even if that simply means dropping a card in the mail to celebrate your loved one’s milestones and achievements. Because who doesn’t love getting mail like that?


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    1. Thanks Tessa! I think so too! And all my samples came in a sweet little folder with a discount code included. The presentation from start to finish was beautiful. I love those special little touches!

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