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Five Fiction Books To Add To Your Reading List

Now that I’ve finished graduate school, I have time to read for fun again!

I joined a book club with several friends last year, which kickstarted my desire to read again. Even though I often don’t finish the books. 

I set a goal to read a new book every 6 weeks. Which includes listening to audio books, now that I’ve activated a three month free trial of Audible. 

My preferred genre is always fiction, preferably contemporary or historical fiction featuring strong female leads.

Here are a few of my recent favs to help you build your own little library. Or to look to when you need new ideas of what to read as the year goes on. Or on your upcoming Spring Break trip!

As per usual, this post contains affiliate links. Which means I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. Each image below is clickable and will take you to the book available for purchase. Your use of affiliate links helps to support the blog in a variety of ways. Thank you for your continued support!

The Maid, by Nita Prose

This was our February book club pick.

It follows the story of a hotel maid who is likely on the spectrum, who finds a guest dead during her shift one day at an upscale hotel.

It’s a quick read that keeps you guessing as to whodunit all the way to the end.

It’s already been picked up for film adaptation by Universal Studios. So, if you like to read books before their movie version comes out, put this one on your list!

An American Marriage, by Tayari Jones

An American Marriage follows a young couple, Celestial and Roy, who are just starting their life together when they are ripped apart by a false accusation.

Roy is sentenced to 12 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Can their marriage survive the separation?

This was an Oprah’s Book Club pick in 2018 that I listened to as an audiobook on my drive to and from work.

We Are Not Like Them, by Christine Pride and Jo Piazza

This novel follows the story of two best friends, one white and one Black, whose friendship is put to the ultimate test when an unarmed Black teenager is killed by a police officer in their town.

Told from both women’s perspectives, the story examines how issues of race can tear friendships and families apart.

But also how talking through these issues and approaching them with curiosity and not judgement, can help bring us closer together.

The Lost Apothecary, by Sarah Penner

I read this one within a matter of days on a long road trip late last year.

It alternates between past and present and follows the story of two women – a female apothecary who sells poisons to other women to kill the men who hurt them – and a history buff who travels to London to celebrate her 10th anniversary on her own, after finding out that her husband cheated on her.

This one sucked me right in. If you like historical fiction with a bit of fantasy woven in, this one is for you.

The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig

This was my pick for the book club last year. Which is completely out of the normal realm of books I would choose. Because I don’t generally reach for fantasy or science fiction, which is the genre I would classify this as.

If you’ve ever asked yourself how your life might be different had you made different choices or gone down another path (and who hasn’t?), then you’ll enjoy this book.

The protagonist visits a library between life and death where she gets to explore many different versions of her life before deciding which one, and if she really wants to, live.

I would love to hear what books you’ve read that I should also add to my list! Please feel free to drop your recommendations in the comments below.

Happy reading!

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