Trick or Treat? Finding the Fun in Halloween Again

Having a kid has in some ways made me feel like a kid again myself. It has given new life and meaning to holidays and traditions that brought me a lot of joy as a child.

For example, I have never really been a big fan of Halloween. I kind of don’t get it. Why do we dress up in costume and parade around the neighborhood asking strangers for free candy again? I mean, whose idea was this?

Of course I enjoyed this activity as a kid and happily participated until I was old enough for it to be frowned upon. But Halloween as an adult was never really that much fun. Continue reading “Trick or Treat? Finding the Fun in Halloween Again”

Why Every Woman Needs a Proper Bra Fitting

After losing 20 pounds over the last year, I realized that my bras no longer fit the way they should. As a large busted woman, I can’t simply go to Kohl’s or Target to pick out a new one. Bra shopping for me requires going to a specialty store where they carry cup sizes up to an H (DDDDD).

There are two such stores here in Madison. One that I’ve been going to for years, and one I’ve never been to before. So, I decided to stop at the shop I was already familiar with the weekend before my birthday, as we were on that side of town and my husband wanted to go “play” at his friend’s house. Continue reading “Why Every Woman Needs a Proper Bra Fitting”

My Experience with Stitch Fix

This post contains referral links, which means I receive a credit if you make a purchase through this link. If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix you can get $25 in credit to use on your first purchase if you click here!

I am a self-proclaimed shopaholic. Meaning, I shop for fun. Shopping is a hobby. One of my favorite pastimes.

I shop A LOT. Yes, even with a three-year-old. After I had a child, shopping in person became somewhat more complicated, but that just means I took to shopping online a bit more than I had previously.

One of the reasons I love to shop is because I truly enjoy the thrill of a great bargain. I tend to make a beeline straight to the back of each store, to browse the clearance racks to see what great markdowns are there to be had. Continue reading “My Experience with Stitch Fix”